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4 Steps to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

As Google came down from the peak of Internet Mountain with new search engine rules in its hands, it found we had all built [...]

Climbing Mount Google

Like the Himalayas of the web, the top of the first page of Google is a seemingly unconquerable summit. Blizzards of swirling pay-per-click advertisements [...]

Getting on Google’s Radar

If you have ever grown a plant from a seed, then you know it takes some basic elements. You need soil, you need water, [...]

Are You Really Number One?

So you have won the top spot. Number one on Google. You think you are on top of the mountain. All that SEO research [...]

The Key to Unlocking SEO Keywords

Despite the fact that our world is more and more rooted in imagery, in video, and snapchats, words still matter. And choosing the right [...]

Measuring SEO with Google Search Console

We have all heard it before… You need to be on the first page of Google or else! While it’s fantastic to have your [...]