Like the Himalayas of the web, the top of the first page of Google is a seemingly unconquerable summit. Blizzards of swirling pay-per-click advertisements and avalanches of purchasable keywords might offer short cuts, but what can really sustain a site’s staying power?

Let’s look at the facts. A study by Chitika from 2013 shows that over 90% of all search engine web traffic is from the first page of results. If you aren’t on the first page for a specific result, you might as well not have a web presence.

Another study shows that search position on the first page is also of exponential importance. The difference between being the top result and the 8th result is staggering.

Part of the issue with achieving a high ranking on Google is that it is slightly self-perpetuating. If you achieve the top ranking for a specific search term, this is because Google’s algorithm has decided that your content is the most relevant response to the search. Since we know that the top result is the most frequently clicked result, and we know that a link’s click through rate is an important part of a site’s ranking, then it is safe to assume that once a site achieves a top ranking, that as long as the content quality is sustained and the algorithm does not change, it will maintain its ranking. This is Google’s way of saying that a certain type of content is the most valuable, or, most relevant. So, high rank means good quality means high rank means good quality.

The important part of this realization is understanding what aspect of it you can control – content. You decide what you want to put on the internet. So how can you leverage this knowledge to climb to the top? And should you hire a trail guide in the form of an SEO consultant?

Our SEO specialists in Sydney would be happy to help. We can work with you to develop a content strategy targeted to the keywords that work for you. Focusing on the content that you can contribute is a great start, but understanding how to share your content to increase its relevance and authority is an entirely other game.

One thing is for sure – Google is good at what they do. So, if we trust Google’s ability to control the internet, then we should abide by its rules. We can show you the path up the mountain, but it’s your choice to start the journey.