Essential Features of a Good Website Design

Websites are becoming increasingly popular now that they are new

channels of enhancing business activity. But to get the most out of a website, there are several design aspects to consider. This article shares important features of a good website design.


The main idea of having a website is to provide a solution. For example, eCommerce websites should allow customers to shop and check out seamlessly. On the other hand, job boards should support user registration, CV submission, and job applications smoothly. That said, the full functionality of a website is the most crucial feature of a good website design.


The responsiveness of a website is all about how the website design adapts to the different devices. In the past, designers optimised websites for desktops only, but in this era, a good website design should be tailored for desktop, tablets and mobiles among other devices. More emphasis should be laid on mobile optimisation as research suggests that most users are on mobile.

Web Security

With the increasing cases of cybercrime, a good website design should have the necessary security features in place. Invest in the appropriate Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate depending on the business. For the basic websites, install at least a free SSL certificate, but for the sites that involve online payments, like eCommerce websites and casinos, the latest military-grade SSL encryption is a must.

Speed and Performance

Last is the loading speed and performance. Make sure that the website pages load fast so that visitors don’t move to the next business. Studies show that clients give up on websites that take more than four seconds to load.

The above are some of the critical features of a good website design. It’s also essential to ensure that the content incorporated is relevant, and is arranged logically for easy navigation.