We have all heard it before…

You need to be on the first page of Google or else!

While it’s fantastic to have your website on the first page of Google, it’s also important to be able to measure what that is doing for your business.

Why it’s hard to measure SEO performance

Traditionally, SEO results are based on where you are ranked.

The problem is: how much traffic are you receiving as a result of being on the first page of Google?

So how do we measure this? The answer is Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools).

Google Search Console will show all the traffic you are receiving from organic search results and which keywords provided that traffic.

Here is a screenshot from one of our clients, First Choice Mortgage Brokers

As you will see below, the report shows you the keyword (what was searched), the average position (where they came up on Google), impressions (how many people saw your listing on Google), clicks (how many people actually clicked on that listing) and CTR – Click Through Rate (the percentage of people that clicked on the listing, compared to just seeing it).


Taking this report into account, we know the keyword “Mortgage Broker Sydney” provided 49 clicks from that single keywords SEO efforts.

So how is SEO (organic traffic) different to Google Adwords (paid traffic)

Organic traffic, which is the product of SEO, is free. You will not be charged “per click” as you have done the work to earn that spot.

Paid traffic (through Google Adwords) is just that. You pay a nominated “cost per click” as a way to get your self in front of a targeted audience.

How much is organic traffic worth?

First of all, when measuring SEO traffic, the easiest way to judge the value of a click is to compare it to what you would have to pay if you were running a Google Ad Campaign.

It is best to use the Google Keyword Planner when measuring SEO traffic’s value.

As you will see below, when we look at just 3 keywords from our Google Search Console report above (Mortgage Brokers Sydney, Mortgage Broker Sydney and Mortgage Broker) we will see the value of that traffic.

Mortgage Broker Sydney – 49 clicks at $39.46 ($1933.54)

Mortgage Brokers Sydney – 27 clicks at $32.98 ($890.46)

Mortgage Broker – 23 clicks at $45.84 ($1054.32)

Total value: $3,878.32

Note: Prices are based on targeting Sydney, Australia

So, how valuable is SEO to your business?

As we see from the calculations above, 3 keywords brought in nearly $4000 worth of value in just one month.

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