Most of the world’s activities – trade, education, entertainment e.t.c- have gone online. Businesses and other entities find themselves needing to create an online presence. In these times, however, just being present online is not enough.

Rather, having a relevant presence is vital for the success of an online business. This site focuses on helping website owners to create this relevance in order to carve themselves a niche in the e-commerce space. It has a wide range of topics which include:

Web Design and Development

The outlook of a website is the first aspect that needs polishing. It is like painting and branding the front face of your shop. a nice outlook will attract customers. Such customers then need to easily navigate your website (think window shopping) and have a reason to buy. This section of the site has articles to help you create a website that achieves all these and more.

Web Hosting

A business website needs a place to exist on the internet. That is where a web host comes in. In this section of the website, there are articles touching on what features a good host should have and how to go about choosing the most suitable host for your site.

Content Management

The content on your site will be vital both in convincing visitors to buy and making search engines direct people to your site. Find within this site articles on how to create such useful content and how to drive it through practices like SEO.

Explore this site further for an experience that will forever change your online business for the better!