How to Find the Best Web Designer

In this digital age, all businesses need a website. The reason is simple; most people search for products or services online. For those who are ready to invest in a website, the challenge is finding the best web designer. This article shares two essential tips that will help business owners get the best value for their money.

Agency vs. Freelancer

The first hurdle will be deciding between hiring an agency vs. freelancers. Well, the two options have advantages and disadvantages.

An agency is a right fit for complex projects, for example, building eCommerce websites that require the input of different professionals. Unlike an individual freelancer, an agency has all the required talent, from programmers to security experts and so on. However, the rates are very high.

On the other hand, freelancers are all over on marketplaces, and the charges are relatively low compared to agencies. It’s also easier to follow up on the progress with freelancers. But on the downside, freelancers can be hard to manage, and some become dodgy when it comes to deadlines.


Whether it’s a freelancer or an agency, make sure to ask for samples of their previous works. A portfolio exudes more confidence and tells a lot about the service on offer.

Don’t make a mistake of dealing with a web designer who doesn’t have a portfolio. And it’s not just about having a portfolio, do some background checks to confirm that it’s true they are the designers of all projects under their portfolio. Most companies will pride themselves in all their projects by adding their brand names on the footer.

These two considerations are key for anyone looking to invest in a website. But just before engaging any of the agencies or freelancers, make sure to assess all business needs first and discuss them with the designers to avoid any confusion or inconvenience in the future.